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Laura Boone

CDW Amplified IT
Associate Manager, Collaborative
Phoenix, Arizona

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Laura Boone is an entertaining and engaging speaker known for making complex concepts accessible and actionable by defining solution paths for achieving goals. Her 25 years of experience in education and financial services allow her to blend business and educational practices into empowering strategic approaches for achieving personal, professional and educational success.

Her areas of focus include managing technology integration projects for school districts and companies, helping companies integrate daily wellness practices to support employee retention and health, leading educators in bringing self-care and tech wellness into the classroom, teaching how to engage audiences of all ages, and showing how to use data for connection and action. She is a well known speaker and coach, oversees strategic development for CDW Amplified Education's Technical Collaborative, helped update the Arizona Educational Technology Standards, serves on the committee defining edtech certification requirements for Arizona, is an ISTE Certified Trainer and is the Secretary of the Arizona Technology in Education Association Board of Directors.